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Davy Tyrrell

This feed acts as my collection of miscellaneous doings. The site is in development at the moment so please do ignore any oddities
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Christ Church Cathedral Stereographs

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Chess Boxing

This was one of the first test posts. I've decided to leave it up.

A short Treatise on the dangers of chessboxing. Donec sit amet elit arcu. Pellentesque ac vestibulum massa. Morbi non maximus leo. Vivamus dignissim tellus mauris, quis mollis elit varius semper. Etiam posuere suscipit cursus. Nunc ut porta risus. Sed tincidunt metus sapien, sed mattis justo sollicitudin ut. Nulla fermentum sapien ut augue consequat, non consectetur mi scelerisque. Phasellus tempor ullamcorper scelerisque. Praesent nulla neque, mattis eget sapien ac, luctus congue libero.

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